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Sleep apnea can affect anyone. Regretfully, a lot of folks are totally unaware of what to do about this affliction, so they just live with it. In the following article, you will be provided with sleep apnea advice that will help you control your condition and sleep comfortably.

Try not to sleep on your back if you have obstructive sleep apnea. Lying on your back when you sleep makes it easier for your airways to become blocked. Sleeping on your side is a much better option when you suffer from this affliction.

Learn to play a woodwind instrument. The music is enjoyable and helps to strengthen the muscles that you use to control your breathing.

If you have sleep apnea, do not drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol will relax your throat and will block your passages. So stop drinking because this will only be a detriment to your sleep. Doing so will minimize the chance that alcohol will interfere with your sleep.

Mouth guards have been shown to help those with sleep apnea. The mouth guard is designed to keep the jaw aligned and promote proper breathing. A small jaw or an overbite can result in a narrow breathing passage, so look into treating these problems.

If you use a CPAP, buy a humidifier. Some people who use a CPAP have found added relief by adding a cool mist humidifier while others prefer a warm air humidifier. All you have to do is fill it up with water, and you’ll have a more comfortable rest when you’re wearing the mask. You should be able to sleep better with the mask on.

Sleep Apnea

To decrease your risk of sleep apnea symptoms, lose some weight. Many people find that they can completely correct sleep apnea by losing excess weight. Even just a small drop in your weight can contribute to a better night’s sleep, helping to clear the airways and your throat.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and you use a CPAP, carry your medical ID. The reason for this is because if you must be taken to the hospital, the staff assisting you needs to understand that you’re using the CPAP machine for your sleep apnea. The ID should say that you have this condition, you require a CPAP, and it should identify the pressure levels you require for effective treatment.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition to have. If you see any signs, go get yourself an opinion right away.

It may help you to use nasal spray prior to bed every night. While many of these sprays could make your problem worse, look for saline based sprays which you can use for a longer period of time. Your nasal passage will thank you for using them.

Overweight people are prone to suffering from sleep apnea. If this applies, it is is important to shed some excess weight. Look for a sensible plan that includes both caloric restriction as well as exercise. Restriction of carbohydrates is shown to help those wanting to shed pounds.

Drink Alcohol

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, avoid sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can interfere with your throat muscles and with your airway.

When dealing with sleep apnea you never want to drink alcohol right before going to sleep. When you drink alcohol, your throat muscles become very relaxed. This can cause airway blockage. This does not mean you have to quit drinking altogether; just try not to have any before bed.

Assessing your sleep apnea potential might be hard if you there is not a partner in bed at night to give you feedback. Using a simple camcorder while you sleep can give you the information you need. The video needs audio too so that the doctors can hear the noises you make.

Ask your physician what to do about sleep apnea. This condition is not only serious and affects how you live you life, but it can also be a life threatening disorder if left untreated. If your sleeping has interfered with your partner’s sleep or your own, then you should immediately contact your doctor because it is likely that you have sleep apnea.

Speak with your partner about how they feel about your apnea. It may be that you have awakened your partner frequently with your snoring.

Be in constant contact with your physician with regards to a recently diagnosed case of sleep apnea. Your physician can give you information, tips and suggestions about dealing with the apnea. As you try new options, expect to see your doctor to report new findings occasionally.

Sleep Apnea

It bears stating once again that sleep apnea is an extremely common condition with millions of sufferers. Without properly educating yourself about sleep apnea, you won’t know how to fix this condition. Although, if you take the time to learn about the proper ways to deal with the condition, then perhaps you can fix the problems associated with sleep apnea.

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